Calligraphy and Poetry By
Andrew Shugyo Daijo Bonnici, Ph.D.

Applied Zen Meditation & Core Mindfulness Based Therapy

Birds are Upheld in Silence
Heart of Sincerity is Meditation
Heron Rests in This Only Moment

Circle without Form
Love is the Sword of Truth and Compassion
Raindrops Nurture the Heart and Ease the Mind

Joy is the Gentleness of Being One
Questions are Meant to be Lived, Not Always Answered
Breath is Meditation

Moon Mind Penetrates Both Light and Darkness
Pine Dances in the Wind
The Way is Not Near and Not Far

Monks Walking, Smile at the Earth.
Peace Begins with You and Your Life
Frog Leap and Dance in Empty Silence

Bamboo are the Bones f Meditation
Zazen is Sitting

Flower Mindfulness
Faith is the Body of Meditation

Grass Grows in Silence
Healing Meditation

Faith is the Body of Meditation
Journey to the Truth
Infant Returns to Mother
Body Wisdom is before Thinking Mind