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A) Returning to the Source: A Manual For Seated Meditation.
B) Nourishing the Root: Inspirational Meditation Manual.
C) Cultivating the Field: Harvesting The Awakened Life.

2) Sweeping Changes : (Discovering the Joy of Zen in Everyday Tasks)
by Gary Thorp

This insightful text reveals how the principles of Zen meditation can bring harmony, balance, peace, and wisdom to the practice of your life at home. The author shows you how the body of meditation is practiced by such daily activities as dusting furniture, organizing a closet, cleaning a garage, and sweeping the kitchen floor. Gary Thorp discusses your everyday activities within the context of the body of engaged meditation and evaluates their capacity to nourish your endless journey of personal and spiritual growth. Click Here to Purchase

3) Simple Zen : (A Guide to Living Moment by Moment)
by C. Alexander Simpkins, Ph.D. & Annellen Simpkins, Ph.D.

This book offers a clear and understandable view on the historical development and practice of Zen meditation in daily life. It also provides helpful instructions for seated meditation and exercises for meditation practice in such activities as brush painting, poetry, flower arrangements, tea ceremony, and martial arts. Click here to Purchase

4) Zen Meditation Plain and Simple:
by Albert Low

Albert Low explains to the interested beginner how to do seated Zen meditation and incorporate it into the practice of daily life. This book is intended for people who have had little or no introduction to the study and practice of Zen meditation. It begins by explaining the historical emergence of the Buddha and describes his original meditation life teachings. The author then explains the importance of meditation life practice, provides clear instructions for seated meditation, elaborates on the integration of mindfulness meditation in daily life, and discusses the role and function of meditation practice in the context of a Zen community. Click Here to Purchase

5) The Wooden Bowl: (Simple Meditation for Everyday Life)
by Clark Strand

The author presents meditation as a living practice and a life journey within the reach of everyone. "The Wooden Bowl" not only provides clear guidance and instructions for seated meditation, but it also suggests simple ways for individuals in our fast paced society to slow down and experience the wisdom and nourishment of this Only Moment. Clark Strand shows you how to make meditation practice a part of your daily life and avoid some of the mental and emotional pitfalls that may afflict beginners. Click here to Purchase

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