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This Presentation is focused on making the cognitive and behavioral principles of (AMT) Applied Meditation Therapy® an understandable pragmatic methodology for Business Executives to explore, accept, and implement in order to actualize greater socioeconomic benefits and a healthier quality of life for themselves, their workers, supervisors, managers, and their Corporation or Organization as a Whole.


Advances in communications and technology and constantly interacting local, national, and international marketplaces are forcing us to profoundly rethink strategies for profitability, growth, longevity, and success of companies, corporations, and other business organizations. Since local, national, and world markets are in a complex, interdependent, and multifaceted relationship, the reality of the business marketplace is truly a dynamic socioeconomic process in constant evolution.

As the technology of a global telecommunications networking advances, the speed of socioeconomic change and evolution will continue to increase in geometric proportions. This variable alone presents business leaders with the challenge of wisely coping with the multidimensional complexity of an ever changing marketplace, an increasingly multitasking business environment, and the ever attendant degree of randomness and uncertainty within the creatively evolving socioeconomic system itself.

At the heart of this challenge, and a significant variable in the success or failure of our efforts and achievements, is our capacity to develop an increasingly healthier relationship to the stress and tension that our present business environments inherently perpetuate. This healthier relationship to stress is determined by our ability to clearly discern and work with the intimate cause and effect relationships that exist between human consciousness, thinking mind and its mental chatter, individual personality dynamics, arising psychoneurobiological states, immune system functioning, business productivity, bottom line profitability, job satisfaction, team work, and skill proficiency.

How managers, supervisors, and employees relate to the phenomenon of stress and the subtle law of cause and effect operative in the human psychoneurobiology, can serve to restrain or enhance a business organization's quantitative and qualitative socioeconomic success and performance. A dysfunctional relationship to stress based upon an innocent unconsciousness of the inner law of cause and effect as it operates within each employee's psychoneurobiosocial nature can negatively affect the productivity and bottom line profits of a business organization or corporation. Loss of productivity and profits surfaces in the form of absenteeism, tardiness, employee thefts, accounting mismanagement, work related disabilities, and workman compensations. Other adverse affects to productivity and profits may manifest in stress-related illnesses, accidents, emotional burnouts, and general medical care expenditures.

Reinforced unconsciousness, denial, and suppression of the lawful psychoneurobiosocial arising of tension and stress also serves to dampen an organization's bottom line performance and therefore profitability. As stress and the individual's unconscious causal role in perpetuating it becomes more widespread within a business organization, one can expect an overall diminishing or reduction in: 1) the level of work proficiency, 2) the quality of communications amongst employees, 3) the integrity and clarity of conduct between the sexes, 4) the quality of an interpersonal synergy without relational hostilities or passive aggressive behaviors, and 3) the straightforward and fluid implementation of constructive ethical actions and productive behaviors within an organization's vertical and horizontal lines of authority.

Exercise and relaxation techniques can temporarily relieve and manage some of the daily stress buildup within executives, supervisors, managers, and employees. However, after individuals within an organization finish with the practiced methods of relaxation and exercise, the habituated unconscious patterns and inner causal factors that serve to reinforce the levels of stress within the workplace remain unchanged. Exercise and relaxation techniques do not address the needed personal growth and the penetration of consciousness necessary to develop a healthier and more effective relationship to those unconscious psychoneurobiosocial dynamics that perpetuate the actual degree and intensity of stress in the demanding work environment.


Applied Meditation Therapy™ (AMT) is a humanistic science that promotes a healthier relationship to stress and a deeper insightful awareness into the subtle and hidden causal phenomena associated with psycho-neuro-bio-social interdependency and its impact on health, motivation, vitality, inspiration, mental clarity, creativity, communications, behavioral efficiency, and work productivity. AMT is fundamentally a set of cognitive and behavioral skills for awakening a conscious intimacy with those conditioned causal factors within ourselves that generate, reinforce, and perpetuate the kind, degree and intensity of stress we experience in any given environment. This means that AMT is a powerful experiential methodology for diminishing stress while awakening to and dismantling the habituated patterns and inner causal links that reinforce its daily occurance.

Clearly, AMT is different from other models of meditation which have generally emphasized seated meditation and its effectiveness as a relaxation technique, a reducer of stress, and a re-energizer of wellness. AMT employs a more holistic and integrated behavioral model which emphasizes a deepening insight into the psychoneurobiosocial causal links of stress through the complementary practice of seated and engaged life meditation. In order to actualize this ever deepening and liberating insight into inner causality, AMT encourages individuals and groups to assume personal responsibility in consciously practicing and living the skills and principles of AMT in all their business activities and relationships.

In the process of working with the inner causal factors of stress reinforcement, AMT revitalizes the bodymindspirit, nourishes biological longevity, develops character and interpersonal empathy, promotes wise leadership, deepens creative and compassionate insight, enhances the clarity and effectiveness of the thinking process, and sustains integrity, trustworthiness, respect, and consideration within and amongst employees, managers, and supervisors.

The goal of AMT is to educate, train, and counsel individuals and groups within business organizations to effectively apply ancient wisdom wedded to modern therapeutic skills to simultaneously enhance bodily health and wellness, refine personality and ego-consciousness, increase alertness, vitality, and response-ability, deepen intrapersonal and interpersonal understanding, enhance human communication skills, augment emotional intelligence, and help balance thoughtful analysis with deep somatic intuition and holistic creative thinking.


The practice of AMT within the dynamic work place refines one’s ability to respond in a healthier and growth promoting way to the stress born of conditioned personality dynamics, interpersonal conflicts, repetitive activities, daily routine tasks, and an environment that demands higher behavioral and cognitive levels of multitasking performance. The implementation of AMT leads to a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of humanness and the embodied self, with the ability to treat ones self and others gently and unaggressively while initiating efficient, energetic, decisive, and productive behavior. Learning and practicing the skills of AMT within any business organization is a means toward realizing higher functioning levels of humanness, health, longevity, business productivity, efficiency, and profitability, and a growing sense of balance, satisfaction, vitality, creativity, and energy in both family and work relationships.


Dr. Bonnici offers executive consultation, personal counseling, group presentations, and training workshops designed to meet the needs of your business organization or corporation. You can schedule a meeting or learn more about Applied Meditation Therapy® by contacting Dr. Bonnici via email at Dr@ZenDoctor.Com or by office phone at (808) 880-1395.

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