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(There is no time ahead that has not intimately arrived.)

"By revitalizing the experiential wisdom of the ancient Eastern sages and integrating it with our Western psychologies of self actualization, peak embodiment and the farther reaches of human compassion and interpersonal synergy, we can live and transmit an extra-ordinary and enlightened Way of wisdoming our future Now. 'Now' does not mean 'if or when the future arrives'. Now means the future that human beings are called to become has 'already intimately arrived'.

Our future has 'intimately arrived' as the deep inner calling of the 'life force' that is wisdoming within our only moment bodies. This inner calling from within our bodies, ignored by our deeply rooted ego-self with its separate mental identity and emotional centricity, has reached a collective threshold of urgency in our daily lives and our world as a whole.

This inner calling of our 'vital life force' is asking all of us to awaken from our sleep in ego-self, soften our emotional centricity, see the insubstantiality of our cherished beliefs, embrace the bright clarity of not-knowing, and liberate the core Self of our only moment bodies. If we keep ignoring the urgent calling of our life force and the future of our humanity that has intimately arrived, we will continue to feed the deep roots of our egocentrism, paranoia, delusion, arrogance, and fanaticism. These same roots will continue to perpetuate the chains of our blind hatred, anger, greed, violence, and ignorance that keep us in bondage both individually and collectively.

We must recognize egocentrism, paranoia, delusion, arrogance and fanaticism for what they are, the denial and repression of our innate "primal fear" that all our cherished ego-self identities, collective beliefs, and personal world views have 'Nothing' as their true foundation. Once we recognize and embrace this innate human fear, we can immediately arouse our wholehearted courage and determination to live from our core Self as the functioning wholeness of our only moment body and the bright wisdoming of being Nothing.

As we courageously rest in our core Self and take refuge in the wisdoming of 'Being Nothing,' we immediately cast off the chains that held us from freely embracing, clarifying, refining, and integrating the colorful tapestry of our individual beliefs and unique cultural differences. Once we consciously acknowledge and accept our 'primal fear' of 'Being Nothing', we instantly release the fullest wisdoming expression of the evolutionary life force and liberate ourselves and our children as enlightened human beings.

Thus, in 'this future that has intimately arrived', let us fearlessly rest together in our core Self and our identity with Nothing. Let us drop off the divisive and destructive illusions created by our personal, racial, cultural, religious, political, and species egocentrisms. Let us surrender to the urgent calling of our inner life force and immediately embrace our common root of origin in that infinite, sacred, and nameless Source of Wisdoming that is exactly our only moment bodies and the Universe as a whole.

Now is the time to cast off all fear and doubt. Now is the time to leap with courage and faith. The future has already intimately arrived. We can emerge into a new world and a new earth right where we stand. We can immediately embrace Nothing, soften our attachment to ego-self identity, and deeply rest in the wisdoming core of our only moment bodies. Just so, we will immediately realize the emergence of our core Self and liberate the behavioral wisdom of our enlightened humanness Now."

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