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Meditation, Meditation, Meditation


Roshi Andrew Shugyo Daijo Bonnici, Ph.D.

A bright darkness flows in branching streams. Journeys evolve and are intertwined before the functioning of ego-self and thinking mind. As all beings and things exist independency, they express an infinite network of interrelationships that sustain boundless intimacy at the surface and depth of total reality.

Throughout the womb of time and space, every comparison is ultimately void. Thus, all sentient and insentient forms are equal by nature, each expressing the bright wisdoming of a vast Oneness before the artificial separation of high or low.

Meaning, value, wisdom, and mystery forever momentarily exist as all time, space, beings and things just as they are, just as IT is. All beings, creatures, trees, mountains, valleys, rocks, clouds, stars, and ordinary objects speak a sacred and wondrous teaching of boundless intimacy and vast Oneness to this Only Moment Body in everyday life.

This Only Moment Body, as the true expression of vast Oneness, is instantly being the three periods of time and pervades all spacial directions beyond stillness and movement. Thus, this Only Moment Body is both here and there, both now and then. All that ever was, all that is, and all that ever will be is eternally within the vast womb of this Only Moment Body of life and death.

Sitting quietly, beneath ego-self and thinking mind, your visceral core-Self knows all of this through non-thinking; knowing all of this through non-thinking, one comes to intimately know all that is; knowing all that is, one comes to know the meaning of being time; to know the meaning of being time is to intimately realize the meaning of being this Only Moment Body; to realize the meaning of being this Only Moment Body is to know that your core-Self is flashing as the vast Oneness of total reality and the ever fresh moment of impermanence that we call right here and now.

Breathing silence while not naming that which is the eternal Source is called practicing non-thinking, embodying original faith, and wholeheartedly honoring the precious mystery. To live this simple way while manifesting compassion for self and others is like water flowing downward without any thought of merit or gain. At the surface and depth of total reality, a vast Oneness illuminates branching streams of darkness that unfold everyday life in bright wisdoming. Inside this Only Moment Body, the still moon of ungraspable enlightenment is graciously reflected in rippling waters.

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Dr. Andrew Shugyo Daijo Bonnici
February 24, 2013

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Meditation, Meditation, Meditation

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