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Before world languages, words, and thinking minds, our Only Moment Bodies were intimate with the felt wisdom integrity of an Infinite and Nameless Mystery. Our bodies experienced this nameless intimacy with One Vast Wisdoming Mystery in the turning of the four Seasons, the waxing and waning of our Moon, the rhythms between day and night, the constant shifting of the weather, the endless breaking of ocean waves, and in the simple happenings of our daily life as we journeyed yearly around our Ancient Sun. Our bodies sensed that the Nameless Wisdoming Mystery penetrated all Beings and Things without preference or comparison, just as they are, just as IT is. Thus, animate and inanimate forms like grasses, trees, stones, oceans, human beings, creatures, planets, and stars were all honored as true expressions of the One Wisdoming Integrity of all Creation.

Through the evolution of our brain and its neurological capacity for language and thinking with words, we have turned our felt intimate relationship with the Nameless Wisdoming Mystery and our relationship to the world into the objective mental abstractions of names, categories, ideas, and beliefs. Thus it was that in the beginning was the Word God and the Word became God.

Before all creatures, beings, and things became the word objects of thinking mind, before the Word became God, we all lived intimately with the One Nameless Wisdoming Mystery through a deep Silence and Stillness within our Only Moment Bodies. When the Wisdoming Mystery was Nameless to us, we knew it only as the felt experience of a Vast Spaciousness, the Wondrous Impersonal, the Inner Guiding Nature, the Infinitely Creative, and the Trustworthy Continuity from Life to Death.

When the Naming of the Wisdoming Mystery occurred, IT became a personal expression of our humanity, a projection of our feelings, and a limited view of the Infinite Namelessness. Using the power of the word we called the Infinite Namelessness God, Allah, Great Spirit, Goddess, and Yahweh. Thus, the Nameless Wisdoming Mystery entered the history of humankind through the power of the Word. All religious traditions claim ownership for this True Naming of the Nameless Wisdoming Mystery as their Own. Each claiming to be historically chosen by the Wisdoming Mystery in an intimate spiritual relationship more blessed than all the others. And finally , each religious traditions turned the Unconditional Wisdoming Nature of the Nameless Mystery into the bearer of behavioral conditions. The Unconditional Wisdoming Nature became a conditional Supreme Being who withheld or gave the grace of felt intimacy based on our merits or demerits, our good or bad actions, our belief or disbelief, our faithfulness or unfaithfulness.

Yet in the Beginning, before the word became God, the felt experience of the Nameless Mystery was not limited by history or religion. ITS home was, is, and always will be the eternal vastness of time and space, from the infinitely small to the infinitely great, from the infinitely seen in life to the infinitely unseen in death. The One Unconditional Mystery is not originally concerned with merit and demerit, good and evil, love and hate, atheist or theist. Our original felt intimacy with the Nameless Wisdoming Mystery did not need temples, cathedrals, or churches to validate Its presence. The Vast Wisdoming Mystery had no need for priests, ministers, rabbis, or other holy men to preach of ITS existence. IT called to each of US from within our Body to be One with IT in our journey through life and death.

Before the Word became God, the Nameless Wisdoming Mystery did not need beliefs and holy books to claim our Hearts and Minds. We gave them freely to express our gratitude for the blessings of life, love, family, and friendship. Before the word became God, we had no need to historically integrate or grasp the Nameless Wisdoming Mystery within exclusive ideologies or limited concepts created by our thinking minds. Before the Word became God, we only knew that this Infinite Mystery called us through our Only Moment Body to be in equal Relationship to IT. We heeded this Call by nourishing the simple awareness that our breath and heartbeat were exactly grace of that Nameless Wisdoming Mystery and our intimately felt rhythmic relationship to ITSELF. The unspoken within this relationship was a Wordless Prayer aroused by the heart of gratitude that never took the grace of this intimate relationship (our breath and heart beat) for granted.

Neither fearing death nor grasping at life, we lived the Body of this Only Moment in complete trust that Vast Wisdoming pervaded our bodies and all of Nature, just as they are, just as IT is. Sensing wholeness and oneness in ourselves, we did not mistake it to be only our own sense of 'I' or 'Me', for we knew through our deepest felt bodily experience that that sense of inner wholeness was an infinitely penetrating Wisdoming Oneness that pervaded all forms and made all beings and things equal. We knew all beings and things as expressions of this Sacred Oneness and realized our deepest Humanity in that Very Sense of Wholeness within our Only Moment Body. Thus IT was before we fragmented our shared sense of Infinite Oneness into the multitude of encapsulated "I's" and "Me's". Thus it was before all naming. Thus IT was before thinking mind; thus IT was before the word became God.

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