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Twenty Experiential Signs Of A Growing Inner Peace

1) A tendency to think and act from inner trust and spontaneity rather than from fears based on past experiences.

2) An unmistakable ability to appreciate the wisdom and freshness of each moment.

3) A loss of interest in finding the hidden meaning behind the words and actions of others.

4) A heightened sense of experiential, behavioral, and social integrity.

5) A loss of interest in the religious superiority, exclusiveness, and divisiveness.

6) A growing sense of unconditional compassion for self and others.

7) A heartfelt willingness to be authentic and share oneself as one truly is.

8) Increasing actions based on the mutual benefit of self and others.

9) A diminishing of worries and mistrust in the Moment.

10) A loss of interest in argumentative ideas and philosophical conflict.

11) A secure and growing openness to different beliefs and life styles.

12) A frequent and overwhelming need to express inner gratitude.

13) An ability to be serious and yet to take oneself lightly.

14) More frequent attacks of just smiling or uncontrollable laughter.

15) An increasing tendency to participate in the happening of things rather than to control and make them happen.

16) An increased ability to receive the love extended by others as well as the uncontrollable urge to express love and joy in one's world.

17) Growing feelings of wonderment and awe about the process of life and death.

18) The reoccurring felt experience of an Original Faith in one's bodymindspirit and the Universe as a Whole

19) A tendency to drop egocentric self-imaging and ones conditioned mental preoccupation with derogating, defending, or inflating it.

20) A clear sense of belonging in the Universe while experiencing a deep and equal empathic connectedness with the simplest forms of nature and the vastness of interstellar space.

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