Andrew Shugyo Daijo Bonnici Ph.D.
Applied Zen Meditation Therapy & Visceral Core-Self Intelligence
P.O. Box 44573 Kamuela, HI 96743

Video And Telephone Counseling,Teaching,
Training, Mentoring, & Consultation

• Live From The Still Brilliance of Your Core-Self
•Actualize The Father Reaches Of Human Nature
• Enjoy Boundless Intimacy While Loving & Being Loved
• Recover the Vital Freshness of Beginner's Heartmind
• Enhance Creativity, Visceral Intuition, And Insight

Virtual Counseling Room

Fee base sessions with no Internet or phone charges

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Phone Office at: 808-880-1395
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What is Applied Meditation Therapy®      How Does AMT® Reduce Our Life Stress

About My Professional Background

The Heart of Gratitude is a Treasure Beyond Compare.

Eighteen years ago I began to extend my face-to-face counseling practice to include people who are beyond my geographic location. Over this length of time, I have had the honor and the privilege of providing telephone and video counseling, training, mentoring, and consultation to people from all over the world. I have been blessed and honored to assist and facilitate the personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal growth and transformation of some very special people in Australia, England, Ireland, Japan, Pakistan, Mexico, Africa, Afghanistan, Alaska, Hawaii, California, and other states within the USA.

It is my daily vision and passion to continue to engage people of all ages, from differing cultural backgrounds, walks of life, and varying belief systems in a therapeutic process of core-Self wisdoming; an intimate visceral wisdoming capable of actualizing and sustaining higher states of everyday consciousness, embodied wellness, emotional intelligence, creativity, compassion, boundless intimacy, intuition, motivation, productivity and peak performance.

Heart Of Oneness


My Normal Fee is $150.00 per hour for a
teaching, training, mentoring, coaching,
counseling, or consultation session.

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All telephone and video counseling, training, and mentoring session fees are paid for by either Visa, Amex, or Master Card. All you have to do to schedule a counseling session is fill out the on-line counseling intake form by clicking here.


You can schedule your Phone Session by simply filling Out the Information Form that Opens when you Click Here. In the Information Form you will tell me about your counseling need, the time and days you are available for counseling, and if you need to be considered for a sliding scale slot. Once I receive your Form I will contact you by email to confirm the time and day for your first counseling session. At the mutually agreed upon time, all you have to do is prepare a quiet space for yourself and answer the phone. Please note that there are No Phone Charges for All Countries around the World

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If you would rather contact me directly in regards
to either your fee or Intake Information, just email
me at the box below or call my office number at
(808) 880-1395



All telephone and email communications are kept strictly confidential. Only two exceptions exist to confidentiality: 1) When I have knowledge that a client is a serious danger to self or others, and 2) When there is any indication that a child, elder, or disabled person is at risk because of abuse or neglect. In either case, I would need to notify the social agencies in your area.


All counseling
education, & training
provided by Dr. Bonnici is
designed to support, and not
replace, medical care
or any
relationships that currently
exist between clients
& their physicians,
psychiatrists, or

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