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Tibetan Bio-Energy Self Healing and Zen Meditation Therapy

A Self-Help Teaching/Healing CD for Diminishing
Stress, Anxiety, and Fear while Revitalizing Bodily
Wellness and the Human Experiences of Faith,
Courage, Wonder, Dignity, and Integrity.

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About the Creators

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The Healing Poetry is Created and Vocalized by ANDREW SHUGYO BONNICI, PH.D., a practicing Doctor of Applied Meditation Psychology, a Zen Master, Buddhist Priest, published Artist, Writer, News Columnist, and Worldwide Counselor in Applied Meditation Therapy™

The Healing Music was Created and Performed by the late DR. SERGIO MICHAEL DAVYDOV, a European educated Medical Research Scientist and Doctor of Tibetan Medicine, trained in a Tibetan Monastery, with extensive experience in psychiatry, neurology, medical hypnotherapy, and anomaly diseases.

Dr. Davydov also Produced, Engineered, and Orchestrated the
Wondrous Sounds and Healing Music of Sakura . The
Beautiful Artwork and Layout for the Sakura CD
was Created by Dr. Karen M. Davydov,
a Psychologist and Professor at
UCSF Medical School.

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Be at Ease In Your Body! Rest In Heart-Not-Wanting & Mind-Not-Knowing!


SAKURA is the heartfelt and passionate creation of two doctors specializing in preventative health care and the healing arts. Dr. Bonnici and Dr. Davydov's primary intention is to provide the listener with a wondrous and therapeutic human experience by orchestrating Tibetan bio-energy medical music principles with the imagery rich healing poetry of Applied Meditation Therapy™.

SAKURA was created as a vehicle to facilitate self-healing, grounding, spiritual growth and wellness. One only needs to take the time to listen to Sakura in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Then just let the music and poetry wash over you completely. Sakura's poetry, imagery, and rhythmical vibrations will sooth and revitalize your bodymind as it simultaneously elicits wonderment and the wholehearted practice of your life just as it is.

Purchase CD $10.95 or Download MP3 Album for $7.95

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SAKURA is not intended to replace the services of your physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist. Nor is it meant to provide an alternative to professional medical diagnosis and treatment. Rather, it is designed to compliment and support your preventative health care regime, medical treatment plan, psychiatric care, and/or psychotherapy.

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56k Modem Download Time = 1 to 2 minutes.

Meditation Therapy and Tibetan Bio-Energy Principals1)Intro to SakuraHealing Meditations 4) Himalayan Station Meditation Body and Tibetan Bio-Energy Principals

Root Body of Meditation and Tibetan Bio-Energy Principals2) SakuraTibetan Healing Principals3) RefugeAncient Healing Arts4) Silent TransitMindfulness Meditation and Tibetan Imagery Meditation

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