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What is Applied Zen Meditation & Core

Applied Zen Meditation & Core Mindfulness is the application of ancient meditation skills, core breathing practices, inborn quantum mindfulness, and cognitive/behavioral techniques that assist athletes in any sport to develop and refine their skills and peak performance in a variety of competitive situations. Training, counseling and mentoring in this area of meditation and core mindfulness helps athletes to overcome mental, emotional, behavioral, interpersonal, or spiritual difficulties that prevent them from achieving higher levels of competitive or non-competitive performance. In brief, Applied Zen Meditation & Core Mindfulness provides a practical and powerful alternative for achieving the farther reaches of a multidimensional success in sports, optimum bodymind skillfulness, character refinement and development, personality integration, and peak athletic performance. The following is a partial list of sports where meditation and core mindfulness training can be fruitfully applied: Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track and Field, Cross Country, Diving, Swimming, Gymnastics, etc.

What Do Athletes Achieve by Applying Meditation And
Core Mindfulness Skills to Training & Competition?

  • Effortless & Easeful Performance
  • Fearlessness About Failure
  • Peak Awareness & Slowing of Time
  • Optimum Bodymind Integration
  • Less Self-Preoccupation & Self-Chatter
  • Dynamic & Charismatic Presence

  • Extraordinary Intuitive Response
  • Unified Field of Consciousness
  • Effortless Focus & Concentration
  • Increased Confidence & Optimism
  • Higher Levels of Energy & Vitality
  • Deeper States of Relaxed Control

What Kind of Issues Does Applied Zen Meditation And
Core Mindfulness Address?

  • Inconsistent or Erratic Performance
  • Worry/Anxiety About Performance
  • Performing Below Personal Ability
  • Coping with Anger Stress, & Irritability
  • Slumps do to Poor Mental Strategies
  • Confidence-Eroding Self-Talk

  • Difficulty with Attention & Concentration
  • Coping with Injury & Rehabilitation
  • Making Mental & Behavioral Mistakes
  • Coping with both Winning and Loss
  • Coping with Personal Problems
  • Coping with Spiritual Issues

How Can Zen Meditation & Core Mindfulness Training
Enhance Performance, Balance & Integration?

During face-to-face or phone/video sessions, I will counsel, teach, mentor, & train you to apply a variety of skills, techniques, and principles from Applied Zen Meditation & Quantum Core Mindfulness in order to:

1. Realize higher levels of embodied concentration and mental focus. Each sport demands a unique quality of soft yet focused awareness coupled with a gentle yet intense embodiment in the moment. When these two factors are not present and in balance, it is easy to miss the ball, slice the shot, miss the crucial timing, be off your timing, or suffer an injury. One of the reasons why people enjoy sports so much is because they are challenged to excel in their mental and physical performance while being fully embodied and awake to an intensity of joyful awareness before their self-chatter, doubts, and thinking mind. When we are free of our constant self-preoccupation, we open ourselves to levels of performance and consciousness that extend far beyond our normal human potentials.

2. Attain an inner stillness and calmness amidst highly competitive and stressful contexts. Many athletes have learned to mentally push away extraneous noises and sights while suppressing their own distracting thoughts and feelings of fear, frustration, and uncertainty. Instead of concentrating with this kind of forced effort, Applied Zen Meditation & Quantum Core Mindfullness allows athletes to easefully, joyfully, and repetitively embody an everfresh and timeless moment of brilliant clarity, fearless peace, and an instantly flashing response-ability. This allows an athlete's embodied awareness to remain still, curious, relaxed, open, and more receptive to intuitive levels of response within his or her body. Because of this relaxed and confident openness to all inner and outer conditions within any given sport, the athlete naturally understands that sport as an ongoing process of skill refinement, personal development, deeping human insight, and endless spiritual growth.

3. Actualize higher levels of skill proficiency by increasing intuitive integration between the body's internal biofeedback systems, heightened sensory awareness, and a clarity of pristine consciousness that does not identify with arising thoughts and thinking mind. In this quality of integrated wakefulness, we are more able to allow and effortlessly witness sensory input, passing thoughts, and bodily sensations as they arise in our field of embodied consciousness. This trainable ability to effortlessly witness and intuitively integrate vast amounts of relevant information in any sporting activity permits the body and the non-verbal parts of awareness to instantaneously explore, learn, and function in their own pristine way without any undue perceptual selectivity or experiential filtering through conceptual thoughts, personality dynamics, or automatic mental labeling.

4. Become more conscious of the dynamic and meaningful relationship between subtle feelings, inner sensations and external sensory data their meaningful integration and interaction as the functioning of our intuitive wisdom body. Inner sensations include the rhythm of our breathing, our pulse rate, the felt presence of our lower abdomen, the contraction and relaxation of distinct muscles, the quality and degree of bio-energy surging through our body, and the dynamic and fluctuating pulsation of our heart beat. External sensory data include our body's contact with the ground, our grip on any sports equipment, our visual field of awareness, the shifting of air currents against our skin, the smells around us, and the whole sensory field of environmental conditions, situational relationships, and ever changing circumstances. In a condition of wholehearted mindfulness, we witness our body's total inner and outer experiential reality with compassion and curiosity without any critical prejudices or reactive judgments (e.g., "bad positioning, poor timing, ignorant feelings, stupid thoughts, etc"). Also, we do not try to objectively observe or improve our body's positioning, movement, or other behavioral sequences through mental manipulation or ego-self control. Instead, we simply notice our body's positioning, movements, felt sensations, arising feelings, the passage of thoughts, self-chatter, and our body's immediate biofeedback (e.g., any arising tension, pain, frustration, anger, resentment, fear, or sensations of fluidity, effortlessness, joy, and ease). Throughout this process of non-judgmental holistic mindfulness coupled with a pristine kinesthetic awareness, we wholeheartedly listen to and rely upon the body’s intuitive processing wisdom for mental development, personality refinement, skill enhancement, character growth, and peak performance rather than on our objective thinking, introspection, analysis, or logic.

5. Extend the depth and openness of embodied awareness into an ever changing and dynamic external environment . When we relax the narrowness of our mental focus, extend the openness of our immediate sensory field, and ground ourselves in the true abdominal center of our bodies, we become more attentive to information arising from our sport equipment, the earth beneath our feet, the sounds of our surroundings, the movements of other people, shadow and light, and other more subtle inner sensory elements as they arise from within. Paradoxically, this kind of open mindfulness is not distracted or fragmented by the multiplicity of inner and outer input, but rather is deeply concentrated, authentically present, and creatively responsive as this Only Moment Body. When we allow other sensory elements to be completely embraced by our focused yet open embodied awareness, we extend the depth of our human consciousness into areas that are considered paranormal, (i.e., precognition of events and behaviors, meaningful and insightful experiences of wisdom within mundane activities, the slowing down or stopping of linear time, enhanced power and focus of visual field, extraordinary physical and mental performance, and peak experiences that transcend personal effort, opposing teams, and the usual personality reactivity to winning and losing).

6. Rely more on the intuitive body for refinement and enhancement of performance. Our thinking mind is capable of learning sensory-motor skills and behavioral sport techniques. With thinking mind we analyze our movements and try to control the body through a deliberate willful intention. This quality of willful intention is vital when we first learn the techniques and skills of a sport, but it becomes less important as those basic skills and techniques become integrated into a more automatic and less self-conscious behavioral responsiveness. As we are freed from self-consciousness and begin to surrender the willful manipulation of our body, we become more open to the significance of felt intuition. Just like life itself, each moment in a competitive sport is unique, constantly changing in interacting variables, and infinitely complex. Analysis and logic are too cumbersome and slow to give us an instantaneous and comprehensive overview of the ever rapidly changing dynamics of a sporting event. The best players in any sport have the capacity to intuitively process multiple inputs of information, and this intuitive processing occurs instantaneously through their bodies before any kind of processing through their thinking mind.

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