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Aloha from Hawaii.

May this teaching  uphold the unconditional nature of Zen meditation and mindfulness in your daily life, deepen your felt intimacy with the wisdoming of breath, and encourage you to live as this Only Moment Body of ease and joy within the clarifying light of vast impermanence and the undeniable truth of death and dying.

Sincerely, Dr. Bonnici 

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Just This Moment !


April 8, 2004
All Rights Reserved by
Dr. Andrew Shugyo Daijo Bonnici

Meditation is not an altered state of consciousness or a transcendental state of being. Meditation is the practice of a natural, pristine, or original Way of being your human body and being in your body with wakefulness, bright wisdoming and genuine compassion toward all of your passing thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions.

The true body of meditation is not restricted to the seated form. The root body of meditation as a Way of life is the practice of resting on the true ground of our unconditional nature. We truly rest in the practice of our unconditional nature when we live our life without constantly grasping and pushing away at our felt experiences. When we rest on the True ground of our unconditional being we do not identify with the ever arising impermanence of our egocentric desires or the endless self-chatter and self-preoccupation about our likes and dislikes.

When you practice the root body of meditation as living unconditionally moment by moment, you may be said to actualize and authenticate the unfathomable depth of your humanness and the wholeness of your body wisdoming. Without this unconditional posture in meditation life practice, the truth and dignity of your humanness and the wholeness of your body wisdoming cannot be fully realized nor authenticated within yourself and in your relationship with others.

The true practice of meditation is exactly the tangible process of breathing into the center point of your lower abdomen. Meditation is feeling the pause at the end of your inhalation, resting in the center point of gravity, and deeply sensing the felt wholeness of your body wisdoming. The practice of meditation and the felt wholeness of your body wisdoming is also the tangible process of breathing out and letting your whole body become soft, gentle, peaceful, vital and wakeful.

Know that this practice of authentic meditation does not transcend daily life nor the felt experience that true self is exactly the tangible wholeness of your deep body wisdoming. Living meditation is exactly breathing silence into the wholeness of deep body wisdoming, and being the wholeness of deep body wisdoming is your true self that practices living unconditionally throughout the activities and relationships of daily life.

The tangible bodily experience of living meditation as the wholeness of body wisdoming is like the feeling of a firm stone in your hand that communicates a constant and trustworthy refuge of coolness, weight, presence and truth. Meditation as the felt wholeness of body wisdoming is like the wetness of water that unconditionally upholds, caresses and embraces our whole being just as it is, just as we are.

As you practice this teaching, let go of the chains of self-preoccupation. Free yourself from bondage to arising likes and dislikes and liberate your true nature from the inner prison of egocentricity. Surrender to just being this Only Moment Body without attaching to the endless passage of thoughts, desires, judgments, and preferences. See things as they are, drop all ideas of self-inflation or worthlessness, and die to the virtual reality and illusory nature of your personal drama and self-chatter. Just be reborn as the felt wholeness of a body wisdoming in each passing moment.

Do not identify with your judgmental thoughts nor project them onto others. Just see them for what they are and let them die away. Breathe in as if it was the first breath of your life. Breathe out as if you were entering death through the last breath of your life. Meet your self intimately and honestly with each exhalation. Become the pause of your exhalation and enter your last Moment with courage, faith, dignity, and compassion.

When you finally die to your inner chatter, self-drama, egocentric desires, and narrow preferences, wonder, peace, and sacredness will be revealed as your True Nature and deep wisdoming will be actualized in the mundane activities and relationships of your everyday life. This is called: Clearly aligning the integrity of your inner posture, the moment body wisdoming of enlightenment and the precious joy of compassionate being are immediately accomplished without willful effort, self-attainment, or personal gain.

with blessings and gassho,

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Just This Moment !

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