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Applied Zen Meditation & Core Mindfulness Based Therapy

Breath is the Bridge between Meditation in Stillness and Action

As a Zen Roshi and a Transpersonal Counselor specializing in Applied Meditation Therapy®, my mission is to assist individuals, couples, families, private enterprises, communities, and public institutions to actualize the farther reaches of human consciousness, peak embodiment, life fulfillment, and behavioral wisdom. It is my chosen task to continually research, study, and understand the ancient wisdom and embodied life knowledge of the past, to explore the relationship between the strategies of modern psychology and my immediate body wisdoming, and to disseminate the integration of my professional research, therapeutic practice, body wisdoming, and emergent life knowledge through public and private teaching, training, and counseling. Through this dissemination of knowledge and wisdoming, I hope to provide the practical education and skillful means so that human beings around the world can further enrich and enhance the quality of their daily life and relationships.

It is my vision and my passion to engage people of all ages, from differing cultural backgrounds, walks of life, and varying belief systems in a therapeutic process of self-wisdoming; an intimate body wisdoming capable of actualizing and sustaining the highest levels of personal health, liberated consciousness, emotional intelligence, interpersonal synergy, spiritual enlightenment, joyful motivation, playful productivity, and peak performance.


1) Practicing excellence in teaching, mentoring, counseling, research, and public service.

2) Remaining open to emergent horizons in therapeutic, growth promoting, and methodological innovations.

3) Abiding by the highest standards of professional accountability and ethical conduct.

4) Working toward an optimal integration of our innate wisdoming, growing scientific knowledge, and basic human values.

5) Promoting, respecting and engaging individual, cultural, racial, religious and spiritual diversity.

6) Joyfully sustaining my lifelong vow to personal, interpersonal, professional, and spiritual growth.

7) Serving others with dedication, enthusiasm, caring, committment and passionate presence.

8) Directing my spiritual life force and wholeheartedness toward making a positive difference in people's lives.


I continue to actualize my vision and calling through my face-to-face counseling practice in Hawaii, my worldwide telephone counseling and consultation services, the international publication of my teaching articles, and the evolution of the Applied Meditation Therapy Institute. Along with these fee based counseling and consultation services, I provide this freely accessible website (ZenDoctor.Com) to benefit and enrich the lives and relationships of people worldwide.

At Zendoctor.Com, I share my meditation life teachings on proactive healthcare, body wisdoming, interpersonal relationships, higher consciousness, spiritual growth, peak performance, and ever deepening human embodiment. These teachings, when conscientiously studied, clearly understood, and consistently applied, can empower individuals, families, businesses, athletic teams, and other organizations to positively affect and heighten their holistic experience of mind, body, spirit, wellness, efficiency, performance, productivity, and synergetic relationships.


In my professional calling, I focus on the
following therapeutic methodologies:

1) Training, education, consultation, and coaching in the somatic skills, mental postures, bodymind techniques, behavioral principles, and psychological strategies that constitute the empowering life practice of Applied Meditation Therapy ®.

2) Person-centered growth counseling to enhance biological core intimacy, passionate embodiment, dynamic inner stillness, and creative life transformation within individuals, their daily activities, behaviors, and interpersonal relationships;

3) Transpersonal counseling and consultation to actualize multidimensional perception, cognitive integration, emotional healing, inner peace, life wisdoming, and the continual growth and fulfillment of basic human goodness;

4) Embodiment training, consultation, and counseling in Applied Sports Meditation Therapy; and Applied Business Meditation Therapy to assist athletes and business professionals in achieving and sustaining the farther reaches of human nature. This includes the attainment of higher levels of peak performance, character integrity, skill proficiency, work productivity, managerial wisdom, creative intelligence, self-healing, mental clarity, emotional balance, and interpersonal synergy in both family and work relationships.

With Blessings,

Dr. Andrew Shugyo Daijo Bonnici

Breath is the Bridge between Meditation in Stillness and Action