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Our Recent Workshop In Hawaii With The
Dolphin Quest Worldwide Managerial Team

Offering the Treasure of This Only Moment Body.

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Educate and train the Dolphin Quest management team to embody powerful meditation skills and techniques that: 1) diminish and balance everyday stress, 2) nourish calm presence and vitality, 3) generate, contain, and extend bio-energies that support higher levels of immunity, 4) empower clear thinking while optimizing intuition and creativity, 5) awaken insight and stimulate personal growth, 6) enhance team synergy, productivity, efficiency and performance.

Dolphin Quest is an international organization devoted to the public education and conservation of marine wildlife. They are world-renowned for thier creative approach to education, commitment to oceanic wildlife research, exemplary animal health care practices, and successful breeding programs. Their innovative Dolphin encounter programs promote a spirit of connection and intimacy with the marvels of the oceans.

You can visit their website at DolphinQuest.Org


Dolphin Quest Team
Dr. Bonnici with Dolphin Quest Team.

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Sensei Tony with Dolphin Quest Team

Chief Executive Officer
Dolphin Quest / Quest Global Management

Thank you Dr. Andrew and Sensei Tony. Your teaching, counsel, and time with us was like a flower lei of wonderful moments threaded together. You have opened doors, front and back, in our minds and hearts. I am personally enriched by your teachings and your friendship.

Your meditation workshop and the practice sessions to help us understand and actualize the insights and to learn and gain confidence in the resource of our own peace and stillness, were an extraordinary professional development and personal development experience for our leadership team. It was a deeply unifying time together....a team building at a very fundamental level. We got to know ourselves and each other better, and our approach to our work and to life is profoundly changed for the better. We talk about the experience often. Our corporate vocabulary is enriched. We remind each other to take a breath, to refresh our beginner's mind, to return to our core, to be open to each moment.

We are more focused, more creative, more productive, confident, humble and honest as a team and individually. I'm sure we'll use and benefit from the Applied Meditation Therapy insight and skills throughout our business and personal lives in ways that we can't even imagine right now. As CEO, I am both proud of our people for embracing this non-traditional opportunity for growth in their business acumen, and happy to have introduced them to something that can brighten and add meaning to their every day. The seeds are planted now, and we'll each and all be the better for it.

I have weekly conference calls with all of the Directors. I'd like to schedule you in on one of the calls to field any follow-up questions, encourage personal practice and maybe lead a guided conference call meditation. Everybody will be happily surprised to have you join the call and be connected to us again.

With enduring mahalo and gratitude for your kindness and generosity.

Jeff Jouett, CEO

Director of Sales and Marketing,
Quest Global Management / Dolphin Quest Hawaii

"Dr Andrew and Sensei Tony really connected with our group and taught us techniques for staying focused and present in a world of multi-tasking and distractions. The Applied Meditation Therapy workshop was the perfect complement to our company's annual Strategic Summit. The daily meditation sessions energized our team and allowed us to be even more productive."

Jason Price,

Creative Resources Advisor
Quest Global Management / Dolphin Quest

Dear Dr. Andrew, Thank you again for a wonderful introduction to Applied Meditation Therapy. I have practiced a little each day and find it to be calming and centering. We all appreciate your teachings. Both you and Tony were very informative and wonderful models of the practice of meditation. You were very inspiring.

Diane Sweeney

Director of Dolphin Quest University
Dolphin Quest / Quest Global Management

Working with Dr. Andrew Shugyo Bonnici and his son Sensei Tony was one of the highlights of our week-long company Strategic Summit. Learning new skills on stress relief through meditation was fun, easy to learn, exciting to practice and immediately implemented into our company culture. Andrew's professionalism was top notch and his ability to customize his program, to inject humor into each day and to make his teachings seem grounded and useable in daily life were very impressive. We would recommend Andrew for any group or individual that wants to improve their life by lowering stress, putting things into perspective and enjoying every experience in life as it happens. Thank you Dr. Andrew and Sensei Tony!

Bill Wolden

Dolphin Quest Veterinarian
Co-Owner of Dolphin Quest / Quest Global Management

Thank you Dr. Andrew for showing us how to deepen our connection within ourselves and with each other.

Dr. Rae Stone, D.V.M.

Dear Dr. Andrew, This was my first experience with meditation and it was life changing.

Debi Clark
Managerial Team Member Dolphin Quest Hawaii

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