A Letter To My Four Grandchildren,
The Precious Youth Of Our World, And
The Youthful Heart Within All Of Us.


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Copyrights January 10, 2007
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Breath is the Bridge between Meditation in Stillness and Action


Precious One, I have a secret to tell you about. It is a secret that everyone knows deep inside their body. But it is a secret that people forget that their bodies feeling/know and then they talk about how to find an important secret that they do not know or understand. They forget that their bodies already know the open secret inside themselves. They forget because they get lost in a bunch of words about who they are, what they believe in, what their world is, and who others are.

When people get lost in their names and ideas we say that they are asleep to the secret that their bodies already feeling/know. While they are asleep in their walking, talking, and doing, their bodies keep calling them from inside to remember the secret that is their body and is in their body. People feel their bodies calling so everyone goes to look for the secret that their bodies already know. When people keep living and sleeping in words and their bodies keep calling them to meet the secret, they feel that something is missing, but they do not know what it is.

When people feel like something is missing, they do not feel completely alive in their bodies. They do not feel any rest in their mind or peace inside their heart. Some people do lots of different and exciting things to make them less asleep in their word-thinking and feel more alive and fresh inside their bodies. But this does not really wake them up to the secret inside their bodies or stop their bodies from calling them to meet the secret. Because the calling is always there, people keep looking for something or someone to wake them up from sleeping in their words and make them feel more fresh and alive in their bodies They start looking for something that can help them to feel more joyful, happy, content, loving, peaceful, and free to Be all that they can be. But they do not know where to look.


People search everywhere and try different things. They go from this to that; from here to there; from this person to that person; and from this answer to that answer. They are always looking and searching for the secret that their bodies are calling them to meet. When they try one thing after another, they say that they have found the secret with each thing they try. But they are never really satisfied very long because thier bodies just keep calling them to meet the deep secret inside themselves. So they keep searching and looking. But they really don't have to search and look too far because the secret they are looking for, that keeps calling to meet them, is not really a secret hiding from them. It is a secret that they are; a secret they have never lost; a secret that their bodies are always asking them to feeling/know. This is the precious secret of an Infinite Wisdoming that is their only moment body. It is this secret that I want to speak to you about. It comes from the deep feeling/knowing that is my life breath, my heartbeat, and my only moment body. It speaks to the deep knowing that is your life breath, your precious heartbeat, and your only moment body.


Precious One, feeling/know/remember when you were in your mother's womb. You didn't have a name, but you were still there listening, growing, and feeling alive. After you were just born, you did not have a name or know a name, but you were still hearing, seeing, breathing, crying, growing, and feeling just the same. This means that who you really are as your body (in your body) was always there before you had a name. So your "true you" was always there before your mom and dad gave you a name. Your name is not who you really are. Your true you is like the blue sky and the white clouds. They do not know their name, but they are still there and beautiful just the same. They move and change, but they do not think 'I am the sky' or 'I am the cloud', or 'I am moving and changing'. They are just like you when you are playing. You just run, dig, jump, laugh, and play with things without thinking about your name or who you are. When you think about who you are and you think you are your name, you feel like you need to know who you are. You feel like you are not somebody you know. So you try to make yourself into somebody you know. You try to get people to know you, give you things, and treat you in ways that make you feel like the somebody you know or think you know. And that somebody you think you know is the name you call yourself. But really, you are much more than your name or how you think about yourself. You are much more than all the thoughts that you or anybody else can think about you.


Precious One, when you listen deep inside your body before your name and your thinking, you can know who you really are. You can know deep inside your body what is right and wrong. You can know deep inside your body what is real and what is pretend. Inside your body, you are your body. Outside your body, you are everything you see and meet. You are a deep wisdoming in your body that is exactly your body wisdoming. You are One deep wisdoming that is everywhere inside and outside your body. You are the wisdoming of sunshine and stars, the wisdoming of rain drops and singing birds, the wisdoming of planets and solar systems, the wisdoming of mud and dirt. This is an Infinite Wisdoming that you can not really know and learn about from books, computers, movies, or other people, because it is already who you are as your moment body. You can only know IT and be IT inside the deep quiet and stillness of your only moment body. This is how you answer the body calling, meet the secret, and know your "true you". When you are still and quiet in our body, just breathing in and out, you can feeling-know-remember that you are an Infinite Wisdoming before your name and all the things you think about yourself. Then you will know that Infinite Wisdoming is your only moment body just as IT is. Just as IT is means that Infinite Wisdoming is always your body no matter how you feel as your only moment body. Just as IT is means that Infinite Wisdoming is all your feelings of joy, sadness, sickness, crying, laughing, hugging, loving, and playing.


Precious One, you do not need to know what you are going to be or what you are going to do when you grow up. Just listen to the deep wisdoming inside your only moment body. It will always guide you. Always listen to the silence and stillness wisdoming inside/outside your body and be your true You, your true Self. Be real with your self and others. Don't pretend or make up things with others just to get your way. Don't hide from your "true you" by not being honest with your self. If you get lost in your name, your thinking about yourself, and all the thoughts talking about what you want, you will fall asleep to who you really are and still be talking, walking, and doing. You will think you are awake, but you are asleep in your name and the thinking words in your mind. You will be asleep trying to get one thing after another that will make you happy. You will be asleep in those things you want to grab and have and those things you want avoid and push away. If you stay asleep and pretend to whine and cry just to feel like somebody who gets their way, you will forget who you really are. You will forget what real love, caring, giving, gratitude, and kindness feel like in your heart. You will forget the Way of your bright body wisdoming.


Precious One, because we feeling/know Infinite Wisdoming inside our body that is just our body, we can live our life just as IT is. Just as IT is means that life includes happiness, sadness, playfulness, kindness, love. joy, mystery, change, wonder, and the truth of suffering. Just as IT is means that there is no path, no wisdom, no secret, no gain, and nothing to attain outside of our very own wisdoming body. Your only moment body is the path, the Way, the truth, the joy, the mystery, the grace, the secret, and the Infinite Wisdoming of all life and death. You are perfect just as you are. You are Infinite Wisdoming as only moment body. Not one thing can make you more or less than the perfection of wisdoming that you truly are.


Precious One, you do not have to be afraid in this world because Infinite Wisdoming is your true companion and your trustworthy refuge. Even when you get sick, or people you love get sick or ill, or die, you can still trust that Infinite Wisdoming is there with you and with those you love. When people die, they do not just disappear forever. They pass through a door of Infinite Wisdoming that we call death. We only see Infinite Wisdoming on this side of the door and we call it the Way of life and all creation. But when we die we pass over to the same Infinite Wisdoming on the other side of the door. We do not have to know what Infinite Wisdoming is on the other side of the door when we die. We rest in the deep inner knowing of our wisdoming body. We are at ease in a deep feeling/knowing that is quiet and still inside our only moment body. This deep wisdom body knowing in silence and stillness tells us that we do not fall off an edge called life and completely disappear when we die. This feeling/knowing tells us that we do not have to be scared, because Infinite Wisdoming is there in that Nothing we call death. This Nothing is always with us, even in life. It is as close as our breath and our heartbeat. I feeling/know this Nothing in my body like a Big Hug, a hug of Infinite Wisdoming. I feel/know this Nothing like a hug of love, wonder, mystery, and goodness without any judgment. IT just IS. This deep feeling/knowing brings a gladness to my body, a peace to my heart, and a comfort to my mind. This hug that I feel from Infinite Wisdoming helps me to live with a deep feeling of joy, trust, faith, confidence, freedom, openness, and fearlessness.


Precious One, who you really are is far beyond your name and all the things you think about. Deep inside of your body where you are your body, there you can live as truth, clarity, wisdom, joy, and compassion. All present and future children like yourself who live deep inside their bodies that are wisdoming everywhere all at once will live beyond words and still use words. They will live beyond their name and still use their name. They will live beyond there thinking and beliefs and still use their thinking and beliefs. They will live beyond their own time, race, and place and still live within their own time, race, and place. They will understand that the past, present, and future all exist in their only moment body. They will see how they can heal their past, blend with the wisdoming of the present, and become their wisdoming future Now. When these children grow up with this deep Way of being inside their wisdoming bodies, they will look like ordinary people who live as one family in faithful humanness, bright thinking, truthful speaking, joyful being, open heartedness, courageous action, passionate doing, and peaceful dying.


Precious One, know that Infinite Wisdoming is the moment body of all Human Beings and the Vast Body of all that IS in both life and death. This Infinite Wisdoming is like a shining mirror in our bodies that we cannot see. But IT still shows us who we are before our name, before we think about our self, and before others think about us. IT shows us that when we can really accept the hug of Nothing inside of our bodies, we can be truly alive as human beings instead of our names and beliefs. IT shows us how thinking, naming, and judging can make us feel in our body. IT shows us how we can make our bodies sick or keep them healthy by how we think about our self, our world, and our body. IT shows us what we do to ourselves and how we can make wiser choices and changes that can make things better for ourselves and others.

Infinite Wisdoming shines us a mystery that is happening everywhere all at once, Because IT is shining us a deep knowing before words and thinking in our bodies we call it our own Mirror Wisdoming. But IT is not really just our own Mirror Wisdoming . IT is a Mirror Wisdoming happening all at once in everything and nothing. IT shines all creatures and plants in the world as Infinite Wisdoming. The mirror wisdoming in your body is the same mirror wisdoming shining in every human being's body. When happiness or sadness shine inside your body, you shine happiness or sadness for every human being through the mirror wisdoming of your only moment body.


Precious One, remember that inside and outside your only moment body is a great round mirror, a great bright mirror; an infinitely smart mirror; a shining mirror of wisdoming truth. Remember that this bright mirror is exactly Infinite Wisdoming in both life and death. When you feeling/know this vast wisdoming mirror and trust it to guide you, it fills you with a deep joy, faith, courage, and gladness even when you don't get what you want; even when things happen that make you feel sad or angry; even when you get hurt or sick; even when you are going to die or someone you love dies.

So shine in the vast wisdoming mirror that is your only moment body. Be your True Self and know the greatness of your Self as Infinite Wisdoming. You don't have to search everywhere for the wonderful secret that you already are. Your only moment body is that bright wisdoming mirror, an everywhere wisdoming mirror of creativity in both life and death. In that Mirror of Bright Wisdoming we can see ourselves in each other and see each other as our Self. That One wisdoming mirror is your True Nature and the True Nature of everything you see, hear, touch, taste, smell, and feel. In that precious mirror of Self Wisdoming, you can see when you fall asleep in words, names, and beliefs. You can wake up to the bright wisdoming mirror of your only moment body. You can wake up to the greatness, the simplicity, and the mystery of who you really are. You can meet your Original Self. You can be the True Nature of bright body wisdoming.


Precious One, our world is filled with people who are asleep and lost in their names, beliefs, and thinking. They are lost in their wanting, grasping, pushing away, hating, fearing, and hurting themselves and others. Our world is filled with people who are afraid of each other because they think, believe, and behave differently from each other. Many people in the world feel separate from their bodies, from other people, from all of nature, and from the beautiful mystery of the Universe. People have forgotten the truth and the hope of bright body wisdoming. People have forgotten how much Nothing matters inside of them. They have forgotten how important it is to know Nothing like a big Hug. People are still afraid to rest in Nothing inside themselves. So rather than meet Nothing inside their bodies and stand on Nothing inside themselves, they stand on their name and the words that they think about. By thinking they are their names and all the words inside their mind, they try to forget the fear of being hugged by Nothing inside their bodies. They push Nothing away inside themselves and hold on tight to a bunch of ideas about themselves, about others, and about the world they live in. In this way, people fall asleep every day when they wake up in the morning and do not know it. They do not know that they are afraid of standing on Nothing inside themselves. They do not know that the more they try to forget about being Nothing, the more that they will forget that they are the precious secret of Infinite Wisdoming. They do not know that they cannot meet the Infinite Wisdoming of their True Nature until they rest in Nothing and let themselves be hugged by Nothing.


Precious One, I dream in the mirror of bright wisdoming a time where all people in the world will find the courage and the fearlessness to stand on Nothing inside their bodies. I dream that people will finally rise above all the beliefs and fears that separate them from their True Self and from each other. I dream a future where all people will live from this only moment body of Infinite Wisdoming. I see a time clearly where we will all wake up from our long sleep in words, names, and beliefs and finally rest at ease with Nothing in our only moment bodies. I see a distant future happening Now where we constantly return to our Original Nature and practice the moment body of bright mirror wisdoming together. I am dream in a time where we all know and accept ourselves and each other before our thoughts, our judgements, our beliefs, our skin colors, our names, or the countries we live in. I see a vision where we will come to see our self in this only moment body of each other. I see a vision where we will come to respect each other as the True Self of bright body wisdoming. I am dreaming in a time where we all finally learn to dance together to the music of stillness wisdoming in our only moment bodies. I am dreaming in a time where we will all dream our dreams, realize our dreams, and know that we are all being dreamed in the Infinitely Wisdoming Mirror of life and death.

With blessings, hugs, and a deep bow,

(Japanese for Grandpa or Grandfather)

Copyrights January 10, 2007
Andrew Shugyo Bonnici,Ph.D.

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